*What I Bought*

I'm bound to shop any time I travel somewhere, and El Paso is no exception. I'm especially prone to shopping when my best friend is in town because we are both major [bargain] shopaholics. We love Marshalls and were regulars at the local Marshalls during our high school years, so we make a point to visit the store every time we are back in town. Even in the chaotic weekend that was my brother's wedding, you better believe we found time for shopping!

I spent a whopping $7.02 at Marshalls, which is probably the lowest amount of money I have ever spent at that store. I bought two small things that I completely love. First, my husband was so proud of me for buying this little notebook/life organizer. Until now we have been carrying our gift cards and coupons in a Fossil wallet tin box, or they were just floating around my massive purse. Now they are categorized and filed in this handy dandy little organizer! (The label on the back of the notebook says you can buy your own at www.everyiota.com.)

Cool, right? Honestly, Scott was so happy that I spent part of our 10-hour drive back to Dallas organizing our life into this little notebook. My wallet is now much thinner, and my purse has a lot less random receipts and club cards floating around. He's such a neat freak, and this purchase makes him a happy camper. 

Then I bought this little octagonal tray at Marshalls for $2.50 (on sale). The Tiffany-blue pulled me in, and the low price was the nail in the coffin. I haven't quite decided where to put it yet, but I'm sure it will find a home soon. 

Over at Hobby Lobby I picked up this neat little table for $50 (on sale). I liked how it had two different levels, and it was charming with its rope handles and shabby chic paint treatment. I plan to use it as the bedside table in the guest room. We still have a lot of work to do in that room, so I'll wait until it looks better to show you the pictures.

Lastly, I scored a silver poof from the Calypso St. Barths line at Target for 50% off. I have seen these all over the blogosphere, and they look great in a variety of settings. I'm thinking it will stay in our master bedroom, which is really the only room with silver and nickel accents. 

Of course, all of these purchases made for a tight squeeze in the car on the way home. We brought my little SUV instead of Scott's truck, so we didn't have much space. Scott was putting the Tetris puzzle together when I heard him yell, "THERE'S NO ROOM FOR THE POOF!" I don't know why – maybe I was delirious – but I found it extremely funny to hear my husband use the word "poof" with such distress in his voice. As you can see in the photo below, we found room for the poof (top right corner) and all purchases made it back safely. How cute are our nuggets in the backseat?!

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