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One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is Made By Girl. Jen of Made By Girl runs a shop with great art prints (with lots of typography art, my favorite), and she recently ran a sale on her custom wedding prints

Well, this is the summer of weddings for us (Scott's sister, my brother and one of my good friends are all getting married this month), and I decided that these prints would make unique personalized gifts. Last summer when we got married, we had a few people who deviated from the registry and got us really creative gifts. Those gifts ended up being wonderful surprises and some of our favorite items that we received. I figured these prints were a nice way to give our favorite brides and grooms a cool gift that they could possibly use at their wedding and eventually hang up in their home.

The cool thing about these wedding prints is that you can customize the colors, names, etc. I bought three of them and designed each according to the couple's wedding color schemes.  Jen and her team are very personal and have great customer service. I emailed with them back and forth, changing the shades of the colors I chose until they were just right. About a week later, I received a cardboard cylinder in the mail with the prints rolled carefully inside.

The 16x20 print fits perfectly into the Ikea Ribba frame ($20), so we bought three different frames to go with the prints (in keeping with the color schemes and what we thought each couple would like).

Here they are, lined up on the floor in our dining room with the brown, black and white Ribba frames:

It's interesting to see how the different color schemes either make the names show up or make them recede into the alphabet letters. I can't decide which effect I like better. I think it works well either way! I'm really kind of jealous– I may have to order one of these for our house, too!

The tan and turquoise one above was a gift to my sister-in-law and her groom, so we needed to take it with us to their wedding this past week. Scott ripped apart a big box that was from the bathroom reno and reconfigured it to fit this one perfectly. It was a duct tape and cardboard masterpiece, and he was so proud of his "artwork."  They wouldn't let us check it as baggage, so Scott lugged that thing carefully through the airport. We gave it to his sister to open before the wedding and the glass had cracked, much to our dismay. DARN IT! We removed the glass and they ended up using it at their wedding anyway, placing it on an easel near the welcome table.

Anyway, the poster was a hit with the bride and groom. (The lovely bride-to-be brought it home to her fiancé after the lingerie shower, and she said he loved it. Apparently he knew it was from us before she even told him. Maybe my love of typography is not a secret?)

If you're interested in purchasing one of these prints (or any other of her super cute posters, which I have seen used in nurseries, living rooms, offices), visit Jen's Made By Girl shop HERE.

*Bathroom renovation pictures coming soon*
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