Pink Baby Sprinkle

We recently threw a baby "sprinkle" for our friend who is expecting a baby girl in about a month. We dubbed it a sprinkle instead of a shower because it was just a small group women gathering to celebrate this impending arrival instead of a big crowd. We had a great time!

I was able to reuse a lot of the pink decorations I made for my sister-in-law's lingerie shower a few weeks ago, which was nice. I love re-purposed decorations, don't you? It's so much easier the second time around when they are already made!

I used the same clothesline concept as the lingerie shower, replacing the undergarments with adorable baby clothes.

I draped one of my favorite oversized scarves down the center as a table runner and created a centerpiece with pink roses and tissue flowers. 

I spelled out Camdyn with the brownies instead of making a cake with the baby name on it. More about those brownies below!

We made a simple punch and my co-host customized water bottles with pink and green labels and baby-related words like "pacifier" and "diaper." 

Simple and sweet, I think. 

On the menu? Homemade fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chips, along with Tostitos Scoops (the wheat version, yum!) and a cold queso dip (my mother-in-law's secret recipe). I made brownie bites with an oreo inside, which was an idea I got from Pinterest. They were so delicious! 

Those adorable cake pops are from Starbucks and served as tasty party favors. 

As far as the punch, I just mixed a jug of pink lemonade with Sierra Mist. I threw some rasberries in there for decoration, and it tasted really good. I got that adorable drink dispenser from my best friend for my birthday, so I was happy to put it to use for the first time. 

All in all, the lovely mom-to-be got some useful gifts and got to catch up with her friends, so I'm deeming it a very successful shower!

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