* End of Summer Sale Alert *

Now's the time to score some great deals on patio furniture! We have been frequenting our local Targets, trying to find some extra patio seating so we can host more than four people for parties and gatherings. Since our existing patio furniture is from Target, we thought we would start there.

We were striking out at Target, so we stopped at the local World Market. When we originally shopping for patio furniture, the World Market stuff was out of our price range. Right when we walked into the store, there was a big chalkboard with the words "CLEARANCE- Make Us An Offer!" written in hot pink chalk.

We haven't negotiated a really good deal in a long while, so I got excited to look around and see what was on clearance. We ended up leaving the store with this beautiful patio lounger for only $75! The original price was $250. WOO to the HOO!

My favorite feature? That cute little pull-out tray for drinks! Nugget #1 decided to relax on the lounger with a nice little mimosa. :) She was such a good model.

Run to your nearest World Market to see if they are running the same great "make me an offer" deal. Even without that deal, most patio furniture was 30-60% off. Target has some items up to 75% off, but then they have some patio items that aren't on sale at all. And from our experience, the items that are on sale are going quickly.

Has anyone been to Lowes or Home Depot to see if they are running any sales on outdoor stuff? We are still looking for some extra seating, preferably stacking or folding chairs so we can store them in our garage when we don't need them. Let me know if you have seen any good deals!

* On a Bargain Hunting High! *

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