Bridal Shower: An Explosion of Pink!

I've been away from the blog world for awhile, busy acting as bridesmaid at my sister-in-law's beautiful wedding. While I was there I threw her a lingerie shower, and there was one word for it: PINK!

I wanted to do a really girly shower, so I started collecting images like these for my Pinterest "Bridal Shower" board HERE:

I loved all of these images, so I tried my best to interpret them my own way (on a budget)! I got in town two days before the shower and didn't travel with anything, so I had to hit the ground running to pull it off. My shopping cart was filled with all things pink, that's for sure!

The theme for the shower wasn't just pink, but "ombré pink." At least, I tried to fade from light pink to dark pink whenever possible, like the cake and flower centerpiece above.

Speaking of the cake, how cute is this?

I made the little lingerie pieces with fabric, and I attempted the ombré cake layers on the inside. The cake was a big hit!

Here's the hot pink food spread, complete with streamer table runner and tissue pom poms.

Pink-ish things on the menu? Ombré pink cake, strawberries, watermelon, snowballs and pink lemonade with cherries. As for the non-pink items like the chips and queso and the sandwiches, I just put those in pink bowls to tie in with the pink explosion.

That beautiful ombré pink centerpiece in the photos above from my Pinterest board? It's from a chic Hollywood party, but I interpreted it my own way with plastic cups in different shades of pink (from Target) filled with different shades of pink flowers. You just have to work with what you have sometimes! (On a side note, those cups are 4 for $1 at Target, and my husband thinks they are the best thing ever. They come in shades of black, orange, blue and pink.)

I wanted to make a focal point for the party that could eventually convert into a photo area, so I hung dark and light pink streamers from the first wall you see when you walk in the house. Then I made an ombré pink garland with a pack of fabric scraps from Hobby Lobby and a little twine. Lastly, I hung some fun lingerie from clothespins (from light pink to dark pink, of course).  It ended up being pretty cute!

The favors? Mini body splashes from Bath & Body Works.

It was a fabulous party! Of course, Scott and his brother were thrilled to see all of those pink decorations come down so they could be at home in their mom's living room. And I am thrilled that I can resuse almost all of them for the baby shower I am throwing my friend in a couple weeks. (It's a girl!)

* Happy 4th of July! *
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