All Star Mirror

I have been wanting some starburst mirrors for quite some time now, but I had not been able to find what I was looking for in my budget. I'd pinned all sorts of beautiful starburst mirrors to my Pinterest account (eye candy for you HERE and HERE).

One of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl, ran a poll this week to find out if the starburst mirror was trendy or timeless. (She calls them sunburst mirrors, but I'm going to go with starburst because mine looks more like a star and that happens to be my favorite candy. Fair enough, right?)

The masses voted, and "trendy" is in the lead by only a few percentage points. I don't really care if it's trendy– I like it!

I had big hopes of doing my own DIY version, but then I saw some great ones at Home Goods that were only $40/each. Thanks to a gift card from my brother and his new wife (for helping with the wedding flowers), these came home with me with little complaint from the husband. This is my gift card and I get to buy what I want!

I originally was going to place one on each side of the TV in our master bedroom, but I felt like this empty corner in the living room was calling out for something fun like this. We spend so much time in this room, and that corner is one of the first parts of the house your eye sees when you walk in the back door (our main entrance), so it's the perfect spot!

So what do you think? Timeless or trendy?

Scott thinks it looks like a sheriff's badge! I think it looks fabulous.

My perspective is that at $40, who cares if I don't like it in five years? (I think I will continue to like them, though. I have a thing for stars, like THESE hanging star lanterns in our backyard. In fact, the entire state of Texas has a thing for stars, and we plan to be long-term Texans.)

*Feeding 20 high school football players tonight. Wish me luck! *
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