Texas Road Trip Inspiration

The state of Texas has some very charming towns. We drove from DFW to Texas Hill Country this weekend and popped in to eat at Gruene, a town that perfectly exemplifies Texas style. Of course I snapped some shots of my favorites inspirations on my handy iPhone...

I loved the texture of the patio at The Gristmill restaurant. The place was absolutely packed, and the waiter told us they seat 1,000 each Saturday during the summer.

Don't my new shiny sneakers look awesome against the rustic patio? (The girl uniform in Gruene – and Texas in general– is a cute sundress with cowboy boots. I definitely felt like my footwear stood out in a sea of brown leather boots!)


I also loved these wine barrel planters at the entrance of the restaurant. If you're interested, Kate from Centsational Girl posted an awesome how-to for wine barrel planters last week. Check it out HERE.

This was one of the walls at the restaurant. What is it about old brick that is so darn charming? I love it! There is so much great texture in this photo...

You know what else was great about the Gristmill restaurant? The sangria! I asked what they made it with, and the waiter told me it was Shipley (sp?) wine, burgundy wine, orange juice and simple syrup.
(notice the cowboy boots in the background...)

All in all, it was a fabulous girls weekend! I had fun seeing my old teammates, we shopped until we dropped and at one point there was even a Sound of Music singalong party. (Nerds!)

Funny story: My friends were completely amazed and appalled when I announced I had never seen the Sound of Music.  We drove back to the hotel, determined to find a way to watch it. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything, so we watched an old Saturday Night Live episode instead. Two minutes into the episode, a skit about the Sound of Music came on. My friends totally freaked out and insisted I watch it very closely! It was funny. (Maybe you had to be there?)

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