Slipcovering My Vintage Chair

We're making progress on the reupholstery of my vintage chair, seen HERE.

Right now, the $5 estate sale chair looks like this:

Although the pattern on the fabric is neat and certainly unique, the upholstery is really worn out from years of use and from a lot of this:

My mom found a local woman who was willing to make slipcovers for the chair! I'm really excited about this option because the nuggets absolutely love this chair, and having the option to wash the slipcovers is ideal. 

The only thing we had to do is decide on the fabric for the slipcovers. I decided I wanted two slipcovers– one that was really neutral and would go in any room in the house, and one with a fun print that brought out the personality and funky look of the chair. My mom already has some tan herringbone fabric she isn't using, so we decided to use that for the neutral option. (Free is always good!)

Yesterday my mom started texting me pictures from the local fabric store to see what I would want for the "fun" option. I'm so proud of my mom for knowing how to text and send picture messages!  

And, in case you're wondering how much fabric a chair like this would need, the answer is 6.5 yards (which makes sense when you consider the cushions have to be recovered separately).

These were some of the options she sent:

Keep in mind that I plan to house the chair in the living room, which has this color scheme going on:
In fact, this is the exact view you would have if you were sitting in the chair. 

Anyway, I know things don't have to be matchy matchy, but I would prefer they coordinate and not clash. 

When I saw the options, my thought process went like this: 

"OOOoooh, chevron!"
"Wait, that's some bright yellow chevron, and it's on a really big scale. That might be too much."
"What about those brown options? Nah, I don't love any of them..."
"What's that yellow geometric print hiding at the bottom of the pack?"
My mom was kind enough to send me a better photo (albeit a blurry one):

"Ooh, I like that one. Is that yellow and grey?"

After a lot of mental debate inside my own head, I decided on the yellow geometric print. As my mom said, "It's timeless and fresh at the same time."

I'm pretty excited about it!

To wrap it up, the woman has promised to make two slipcovers– one with a neutral fabric and one with this yellow print. I'll be able to switch them whenever my heart desires, which is great because I plan to keep my beloved bargain chair in the family for a long time. 

My mom said the woman got very excited when she saw my chair, so I like to think she appreciates mid-century design and will do a good job. Time will tell! We're hoping to have the chair back at the beginning of July, since she is booked solid until then. 

*Until We Meet Again, My Favorite Chair*

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