Pot to Trot

Saturday was my 25th birthday, and what I really wanted was a nice, heavy clay flower pot that I could use to make a water feature for our backyard. I've been looking for months, and they are not cheap! Most of the substantial ones I have seen go for $100. I figured if I waited until my birthday, I could justify the purchase. Up until now the only flower pots I've purchase are the cheap plastic variety.

I saw some really pretty pots at our local nursery, Calloway's. Ever-frugal, I googled them before we went and found a 25% off coupon. I knew that discount would come in handy if I made a $100 pot purchase.

I was wandering around the nursery when I saw this:

Notice that 50% off sign? I was so excited! YES! It was such a good deal that I decided to get three pots in increasing size so I can make a stacked fountain like THIS ONE from Martha Stewart. I picked the seafoam-y color to go with the low key color scheme we have going on with our patio. (Click here to see how we built our patio.)

I really like the braided cord detail around the top and the small dots on the sides.  I loaded up this little cart and headed to the checkout line. The big one was originally $100, the medium was $60 and the smallest was $40. She rings up my total- it was something like $60! It turned out they were actually 70% off!

I knew it was a GREAT deal at 70% off, so I immediately called my mom and my friend Amanda to see if they wanted in on this pot party (that sounds terrible)! My mom wanted two of the huge cobalt pots, and Amanda wanted two of the small lime green pots. 

I headed back to the pile of pots and loaded up another cart. The cashier probably thought I was nutty. I even added another seafoam one to our collection, in case I wanted a matching set by the door. 

We ended up buying 8 pots for $150-ish. Without the sale, those pots would have tallied about $575. SCORE!! Happy Birthday to ME! 

Honestly, those who know me best will tell you that finding an awesome deal is the best birthday present I could get. I feel so pumped when I save money, don't you?!

Now, the question is- which type of fountain should we build with our pots? We have one huge pot, two medium pots and one small pot. Check out these links to see the options we are considering:

STACKED FOUNTAIN (same link as above)

Please leave your vote in the comments! I know less is more sometimes, so maybe the simple fountain is the way to go?
Also, check out the current patio HERE and tell me where you think we should put the water feature. I'd love your feedback!

* It turns out these pots are super heavy... I couldn't get them out of the truck!*

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