Master Bedroom: New Floors!

We were able to finish the floors in the master bedroom last week, and it makes such a difference! We are so happy to have that ratty carpet out of there, and we both feel like we are breathing better without that dog hair magnet on the floor.

Old carpet:

New floors:

Looks so much better, right? To top it all off, Scott replaced the dated brass ceiling fan with a new brushed nickel one while I was in New Orleans, and that really makes the room feel new.

We're putting this flooring through the entire house except for the bathrooms, and now we only have the two guest rooms left to finish. Each room we finish is more motivation because these new floors look ten times better than the old carpet and ugly linoleum they are replacing!

Learn more about how I made those flowers above the bed HERE and HERE. Read more about this new flooring HERE and the bedding HERE.

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  1. Love the transformation!!! And I'm super jeali about the new flooring! We have nasty old carpet that will one day be swapped out. Where is the throw from?

    new follower :)



  2. @White Lacquer

    Hi Patience! Thanks for commenting. I found that throw at Marshall's... love treasure hunting at that store!

  3. Love your room and your rug. AND your floors are gorgeous. Good job.

  4. I love the new floor! :) I also want to have wood flooring in my home and rip out the carpeting but that won't happen for a while yet. Your room looks great! Thanks for sharing at Roompiration today!

  5. The difference in incredible! You guys must be so pleased! You have such a lovely master bedroom! So glad you linked up to Roomspiration today!


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