Inspiration from the zoo!

Scott's family is in town this weekend, so we took them to the Fort Worth Zoo (which is fabulous, by the way). Anyway, I wasn't inspecting to have a home decor inspiration moment at the zoo, but check out this gorgeous wall I stumbled around while we were looking at the giant sea turtles:

Isn't it beautiful? I liked it so much I made the Mr. pose with me for a picture. 

This would be gorgeous for a wood wall in a house. I think it would be especially stunning in an office, studio or a nursery. It would also be fabulous at a beach house! 
Bonus: The top picture makes an excellent wallpaper for my iPhone, if I do say so myself!

One more beautiful image from this weekend that had me feeling some color inspiration:

I think I need some coral accents in my house. Or maybe I just need this color in my wardrobe? 

Either way, these flamingoes were stunning!

* Let's have a good week! Who's with me?! *

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