Guest Bathroom Teaser

Renovation of the guest bathroom is officially underway! The new bathtub is in, and the floors are down. The tile was taking a long time to set, so we didn't get to put the vanity or toilet in today. That should happen tomorrow. I just realized that I have never shared what this somewhat ugly bathroom looks like, so here we go:

I know you're thinking that is the prettiest bathroom you have ever seen. I thought the same thing when we bought the house. One thing I really couldn't get over was how light and bright it was, especially in the shower. Ha! =)

Here's a peak at some of the bathroom materials we have on hand:

Sorry for the very brown picture. I guess I could have found a better background than our brown floors, but this will have to do. 
We've been collecting pieces of this bathroom for months and months. Back when Lowe's was having a sale on bath products in January, we bought this VANITY.

Then we bought a new bathtub. The previous bathtub was extremely shallow, so we wanted something deeper this time. We went with this ONE, which we liked for its depth and modern, streamlined look.

Then my parents decided to put travertine tile throughout their whole house. Luckily for us, they had just enough left over to cover the floors in our tiny little guest bathroom. Yes, this guest bath will have by far the nicest floors in our entire house! (And they were free!) We would never have splurged on travertine ourselves, of course. That's the tile up in that first photo, but it's actually in 12x12 tiles, not rectangular. 

The paint we chose? Valspar Tempered Allspice. It picks up the colors of the travertine nicely. We both agreed on the paint instantly– love it when that happens!

We picked up some brushed nickel hardware, and we also got a new toilet. (And when I say "we," I mean Scott and the virtual version of me. He was emailing me picture messages on my phone while I was on my business trip, trying to figure out which hardware to buy. Got to love modern technology!) Scott is quite pumped about his new toilet because it is the kind that allows you to choose what sort of flush you want so you can conserve water. He thinks that is the coolest thing ever.

This is Scott's bathroom, so it's going to be nice and masculine (especially with all that brown). We plan to lighten it up with white subway tile for the shower surround, but we haven't picked that out yet. Brown walls, brown travertine floors, brown vanity. White tub, while tile surround, white toilet, white sink, white bath towels. Hopefully it doesn't look too dark. On the other hand, it's a man's bathroom so I'm pretty sure he will love it if it's dark (unlike my light, airy bathroom seen HERE.)

These are some of the bathrooms we really like that we found online:
 photo from aestheticoiseau.com
photo from slibaba.com

Hopefully I'll have new pictures for you tomorrow!

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