And Now, a Very Random Post About Makeup

I read The New York Times every day (the digital version). Today I came across a really interesting article about the creation and growth of the Bare Escentuals makeup brand. Check it out HERE.

Why did I enjoy this article so much? First of all, I love reading about female success stories. So inspiring! Secondly, I love this makeup so I was interested to hear the company's story.

Is this really relevant to my blog that focuses on home stuff? Nah. But I did do a POST the other day about my favorite summer things, and now I realize I forgot to include Bare Minerals foundation. I won't use any other type of foundation, and I couldn't live without it. I like my face to look completely natural (but not so natural that you can see my blemishes), and Bare Minerals does the trick.

My husband really, really dislikes when women (especially me) look like they are wearing a lot of makeup, so this is perfect for me (and him).

I'm not really hardcore about the whole process that they recommend, with the mineral veil and everything. I use the Bare Minerals foundation and the bronzer, "Warmth" which has lasted me years and years. Be careful the first time you use the Warmth– that stuff is potent! You only need a tiny bit of it to add color to your face. Anything more and you'll look orange...

I usually buy mine at Ulta, but today I discovered they sell it for less on Amazon.com. I'd suggest trying it if you're a fan of the natural makeup look!

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