Guest Bathroom Update

Are we done? No.

Are we almost done? Yes!

Unfortunately, we're leaving town tonight for the rest of the week, so this project is on hold until we get back. The changes are pretty drastic already.

I don't have any good pictures yet, but here are a few progress shots I snapped on my phone:

First, here are the new travertine floors and the new wall color. At this point the new tub had been installed, the old shower surround had been torn down, and the old toilet and vanity had been removed.

This is how the shower area is shaping up. We haven't grouted it yet, so it's going to look much better when those dark grout lines are filled in with bright white grout. We went with oversized white subway-ish tiles in a brick pattern with a strip of glass tiles as an accent. This picture isn't great quality, but I promise to snap some photos with my good camera when the project is actually finished.

We ended up buying THIS tile from Floor & Decor for the walls.  It has an interesting texture, as you can see:

photo from www.flooranddecoroutlets.com

Then we bought THESE sheets of glass tile from Home Depot and cut them into thirds to make one thin strip around the shower. The glass tile is mixed with brown marble, and it looks pretty sleek. Scott is very, very excited about the way his manly/modern/masculine bathroom is coming together.

  I can't wait to show you the finished product, but I guess we have to be finished for me to show it to you! 

* Happy Tuesday *

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Master Bedroom: New Floors!

We were able to finish the floors in the master bedroom last week, and it makes such a difference! We are so happy to have that ratty carpet out of there, and we both feel like we are breathing better without that dog hair magnet on the floor.

Old carpet:

New floors:

Looks so much better, right? To top it all off, Scott replaced the dated brass ceiling fan with a new brushed nickel one while I was in New Orleans, and that really makes the room feel new.

We're putting this flooring through the entire house except for the bathrooms, and now we only have the two guest rooms left to finish. Each room we finish is more motivation because these new floors look ten times better than the old carpet and ugly linoleum they are replacing!

Learn more about how I made those flowers above the bed HERE and HERE. Read more about this new flooring HERE and the bedding HERE.

* Until next time *
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Guest Bathroom Teaser

Renovation of the guest bathroom is officially underway! The new bathtub is in, and the floors are down. The tile was taking a long time to set, so we didn't get to put the vanity or toilet in today. That should happen tomorrow. I just realized that I have never shared what this somewhat ugly bathroom looks like, so here we go:

I know you're thinking that is the prettiest bathroom you have ever seen. I thought the same thing when we bought the house. One thing I really couldn't get over was how light and bright it was, especially in the shower. Ha! =)

Here's a peak at some of the bathroom materials we have on hand:

Sorry for the very brown picture. I guess I could have found a better background than our brown floors, but this will have to do. 
We've been collecting pieces of this bathroom for months and months. Back when Lowe's was having a sale on bath products in January, we bought this VANITY.

Then we bought a new bathtub. The previous bathtub was extremely shallow, so we wanted something deeper this time. We went with this ONE, which we liked for its depth and modern, streamlined look.

Then my parents decided to put travertine tile throughout their whole house. Luckily for us, they had just enough left over to cover the floors in our tiny little guest bathroom. Yes, this guest bath will have by far the nicest floors in our entire house! (And they were free!) We would never have splurged on travertine ourselves, of course. That's the tile up in that first photo, but it's actually in 12x12 tiles, not rectangular. 

The paint we chose? Valspar Tempered Allspice. It picks up the colors of the travertine nicely. We both agreed on the paint instantly– love it when that happens!

We picked up some brushed nickel hardware, and we also got a new toilet. (And when I say "we," I mean Scott and the virtual version of me. He was emailing me picture messages on my phone while I was on my business trip, trying to figure out which hardware to buy. Got to love modern technology!) Scott is quite pumped about his new toilet because it is the kind that allows you to choose what sort of flush you want so you can conserve water. He thinks that is the coolest thing ever.

This is Scott's bathroom, so it's going to be nice and masculine (especially with all that brown). We plan to lighten it up with white subway tile for the shower surround, but we haven't picked that out yet. Brown walls, brown travertine floors, brown vanity. White tub, while tile surround, white toilet, white sink, white bath towels. Hopefully it doesn't look too dark. On the other hand, it's a man's bathroom so I'm pretty sure he will love it if it's dark (unlike my light, airy bathroom seen HERE.)

These are some of the bathrooms we really like that we found online:
 photo from aestheticoiseau.com
photo from slibaba.com

Hopefully I'll have new pictures for you tomorrow!

* Friday Funday *

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Uh Oh.

While I was in New Orleans for my work event, I woke up to this picture message from my husband with the words "Uh Oh."

Uh oh is right! For the first time since April, DFW had a severe storm with high winds. That last storm we had resulted in this:

Yes, that's the same tree. Of course, this situation was much scarier because it actually fell on the house this time. We were pretty nervous about the damage, but it seems like the gutter took the brunt of the impact. 

That gives you a nice view of the poor tree in the reflection. Here's a closer view:

Yikes. Maybe we should get some sort of tree expert out to the house to see if this tree is sick and weak? We're thinking it might have some sort of disease that is making it vulnerable to the high winds. 

Now there are two lone branches remaining:

Even though the branch fell on the house this time, we feel very fortunate and blessed that the damage seems to be contained to the gutter. Hopefully we can get that repaired soon, but the question remains about how to handle this tree. Should we take it out? Keep it? We really aren't sure yet. 

In other house news, Scott has been hard at work since last Friday. We were able to finish the bedroom floors before I left, and it looks awesome. I'll share those photos soon, of course. I guess he got bored once I left, because he immediately started demolishing the guest bathroom. We now have a new bathtub installed, and right now Scott and my brother are working on putting down the new tile floor. Before the end of the day, the new vanity and toilet should be installed. Exciting times for the bathroom!

The tub installation story comes with a bad plumber experience, which I'll share once the bathroom is done. Let's just say it was a "you get what you pay for" situation, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I got back last night and I'm working on some new posts. I'll get them up as soon as possible.

*Stay Tuned*

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Happy Friday & Early Father's Day Shout Out

Well, I'll be out of pocket for the next five days or so as I head to New Orleans for my huge work convention. This is our big event of the year, and I'm ready to get it over with!

On the home front, Scott is working on replacing the floor in our master bedroom. The carpet is up, the concrete is patched and he has 1/4 of the new floor down so far. He hopes to have it done by the end of today, and I'll show you the pictures as soon as possible. We're using the same floor we have throughout the house, which looks like this:

Goodbye old, yucky tan carpet. Hello awesomely affordable vinyl floor from Lumber Liquidators!

Since this Sunday is Father's Day and I'll be working instead of hanging out with my dad, I wanted to give him a shout out. He's awesome. He has been nothing but helpful as we have tried to tackle these home projects, since he and my mom have been renovating houses for years.

 I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!

* Happy Father's Day! *
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Slipcovering My Vintage Chair

We're making progress on the reupholstery of my vintage chair, seen HERE.

Right now, the $5 estate sale chair looks like this:

Although the pattern on the fabric is neat and certainly unique, the upholstery is really worn out from years of use and from a lot of this:

My mom found a local woman who was willing to make slipcovers for the chair! I'm really excited about this option because the nuggets absolutely love this chair, and having the option to wash the slipcovers is ideal. 

The only thing we had to do is decide on the fabric for the slipcovers. I decided I wanted two slipcovers– one that was really neutral and would go in any room in the house, and one with a fun print that brought out the personality and funky look of the chair. My mom already has some tan herringbone fabric she isn't using, so we decided to use that for the neutral option. (Free is always good!)

Yesterday my mom started texting me pictures from the local fabric store to see what I would want for the "fun" option. I'm so proud of my mom for knowing how to text and send picture messages!  

And, in case you're wondering how much fabric a chair like this would need, the answer is 6.5 yards (which makes sense when you consider the cushions have to be recovered separately).

These were some of the options she sent:

Keep in mind that I plan to house the chair in the living room, which has this color scheme going on:
In fact, this is the exact view you would have if you were sitting in the chair. 

Anyway, I know things don't have to be matchy matchy, but I would prefer they coordinate and not clash. 

When I saw the options, my thought process went like this: 

"OOOoooh, chevron!"
"Wait, that's some bright yellow chevron, and it's on a really big scale. That might be too much."
"What about those brown options? Nah, I don't love any of them..."
"What's that yellow geometric print hiding at the bottom of the pack?"
My mom was kind enough to send me a better photo (albeit a blurry one):

"Ooh, I like that one. Is that yellow and grey?"

After a lot of mental debate inside my own head, I decided on the yellow geometric print. As my mom said, "It's timeless and fresh at the same time."

I'm pretty excited about it!

To wrap it up, the woman has promised to make two slipcovers– one with a neutral fabric and one with this yellow print. I'll be able to switch them whenever my heart desires, which is great because I plan to keep my beloved bargain chair in the family for a long time. 

My mom said the woman got very excited when she saw my chair, so I like to think she appreciates mid-century design and will do a good job. Time will tell! We're hoping to have the chair back at the beginning of July, since she is booked solid until then. 

*Until We Meet Again, My Favorite Chair*

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And Now, a Very Random Post About Makeup

I read The New York Times every day (the digital version). Today I came across a really interesting article about the creation and growth of the Bare Escentuals makeup brand. Check it out HERE.

Why did I enjoy this article so much? First of all, I love reading about female success stories. So inspiring! Secondly, I love this makeup so I was interested to hear the company's story.

Is this really relevant to my blog that focuses on home stuff? Nah. But I did do a POST the other day about my favorite summer things, and now I realize I forgot to include Bare Minerals foundation. I won't use any other type of foundation, and I couldn't live without it. I like my face to look completely natural (but not so natural that you can see my blemishes), and Bare Minerals does the trick.

My husband really, really dislikes when women (especially me) look like they are wearing a lot of makeup, so this is perfect for me (and him).

I'm not really hardcore about the whole process that they recommend, with the mineral veil and everything. I use the Bare Minerals foundation and the bronzer, "Warmth" which has lasted me years and years. Be careful the first time you use the Warmth– that stuff is potent! You only need a tiny bit of it to add color to your face. Anything more and you'll look orange...

I usually buy mine at Ulta, but today I discovered they sell it for less on Amazon.com. I'd suggest trying it if you're a fan of the natural makeup look!

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Texas Road Trip Inspiration

The state of Texas has some very charming towns. We drove from DFW to Texas Hill Country this weekend and popped in to eat at Gruene, a town that perfectly exemplifies Texas style. Of course I snapped some shots of my favorites inspirations on my handy iPhone...

I loved the texture of the patio at The Gristmill restaurant. The place was absolutely packed, and the waiter told us they seat 1,000 each Saturday during the summer.

Don't my new shiny sneakers look awesome against the rustic patio? (The girl uniform in Gruene – and Texas in general– is a cute sundress with cowboy boots. I definitely felt like my footwear stood out in a sea of brown leather boots!)


I also loved these wine barrel planters at the entrance of the restaurant. If you're interested, Kate from Centsational Girl posted an awesome how-to for wine barrel planters last week. Check it out HERE.

This was one of the walls at the restaurant. What is it about old brick that is so darn charming? I love it! There is so much great texture in this photo...

You know what else was great about the Gristmill restaurant? The sangria! I asked what they made it with, and the waiter told me it was Shipley (sp?) wine, burgundy wine, orange juice and simple syrup.
(notice the cowboy boots in the background...)

All in all, it was a fabulous girls weekend! I had fun seeing my old teammates, we shopped until we dropped and at one point there was even a Sound of Music singalong party. (Nerds!)

Funny story: My friends were completely amazed and appalled when I announced I had never seen the Sound of Music.  We drove back to the hotel, determined to find a way to watch it. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything, so we watched an old Saturday Night Live episode instead. Two minutes into the episode, a skit about the Sound of Music came on. My friends totally freaked out and insisted I watch it very closely! It was funny. (Maybe you had to be there?)

Find all of these pictures and more fun visuals at my Pinterest page. Come follow me!

* Glad to be home *

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Summer Must Haves for Home & Fashion

This weekend I'm heading down to Texas Hill Country for a mini reunion with four of my college volleyball teammates. I can't wait to see them! On the agenda is a trip to the outlet malls in San Marcos, TX, which are just awesome. I make it a point to visit at least once or twice a year, and I always find some great deals.

Anyway, this impending shopping trip has me thinking about must-haves for summer. Here are the thuings I love/want/need this summer:

1. Sunscreen
I nag my husband all the time about wearing sunscreen because as a coach, he is in the sun all of the time. I constantly remind him to add sunscreen to the back of his neck and his ears, since he usually wears a baseball hat. Anyway, he's very picky about sunscreen and will only wear this kind:

Find it at WALMART.
(I wear sunscreen everyday, too, and add this when we are outside for long periods of time.)

2. Skinny Girl Margarita & festive margarita glasses

I'm not a big drinker, but I love margaritas. I used to hate how high-calorie they were until I tried Skinny Girl Margarita. It's only about 100 calories per serving. Add the salt on the edge and you're good to go! (For you Housewives fans, this drink was created by Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of New York fame.)

photo from bethenny.com

You can serve it to your friends in fun margarita glasses like the ones a dear friend got me for my birthday (I think she got them at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx). I never buy actual margarita salt for mine- I just use the sea salt from my regular salt shaker. It works just as well!

3. Colorful beach/pool towels
I'm loving this one from Pottery Barn Teen:

This towel can be personalized, so it would make a cute gift. 

I also love these beautiful towels from World Market:

4. White dresses
What says summer better than a white dress?! Nothing! I have several and love wearing them in the summer when I actually have a tan. They have some really cute ones at Victoria's Secret:

photos from victoriassecret.com

5. Turquoise Jewelry
What do I like to wear with my white dresses? Turquoise jewelry, of course. I even picked turquoise-blue earrings and a bracelet to wear with the ultimate white dress, my wedding dress!

photo from www.kendaljessupphotography.blogspot.com

I get a lot of my fun, trendy earrings and jewelry at Forever 21.  You simply can't beat the prices, and then I never feel guilty if I lose an earring or something. Here are some of the cute options they have on their site right now:
Each of these are priced under $4. Not too shabby for a cute pair of earrings!

6. An Un-stuffed Duvet
One of the things I love about the DUVET we bought from West Elm is that I can stuff it with a comforter in the winter and then use it by itself right now during the warm winter months. It felt way too hot to keep the comforter in the duvet, so we just took the comforter out and use the duvet as a light blanket. The duvet brings a lot of interest to the room, so I would hate to put it away for the summer. This way we get to enjoy it year round!

7. Bug Protection...
...for your outdoor living space. Nothing ruins a good patio like a mosquito problem!
These are some nice options: (a) Citronella Candle Pot from Crate & Barrel, (b)citronella gel fuel for your tiki torches and (c) Cutter Natural Outdoor Fogger from WalMart
8. Flip Flops
I like Old Navy for its huge selection and wallet-friendly prices. They have some cute pairs and different styles this year:

 9. Flowering Plants
My first year of home ownership has resulted in my first time ever owning a plant. So far, I have killed two and managed to keep nine others alive. I'm pretty happy with that ratio! I'm finding the most hardy plants to be the geraniums and sweet potato vines. The temperatures are really soaring here in DFW this week, and I've definitely had some droopy plants.

10. Essie Nail Polish
I'm probably way behind the trend on this one, but I finally bought some Essie nail polish. I love it! I have this Sand Tropez color and it's just subtle and pretty for summer. I have nothing against bold nails for summer, but I'm lazy about keeping mine up so this color does a good job not showing the knicks and chips on my nails,
Well, those are my summer essentials! What about you? 
I always discover some really cool stuff when I read these type of posts from other bloggers, so I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you want this summer. I'm always excited to learn about a new product!

PS. I just thought of another thing I can't live without in the summer- Slurpees!

photo from Slurpee.com

My dad has been addicted to Slurpees as long as I can remember.  Literally, he brings his own special foam cups and makes comments on the texture and consistency of the mixture. He gets very disappointed if it's a bad consistency. He says you can tell it is good when the Slurpee expands in your cup after you fill it up. He's basically a Slurpeeologist. Dad, if you're reading this, I love you and your Slurpee obsession. I could definitely go for a coke Slurpee right about now.

* Girls-Only Road Trip Time! * 
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