Weekend Recap: Outdoor Living

Wow, the weather was just AWESOME in DFW this weekend! I definitely took advantage of the prime conditions, spending as much as I could on Saturday and Sunday outside, soaking up the rays. Of course we cheered the Rangers to victory on Friday night, which was totally fun. The boys, who were inseparable in college until Scott married this ball and chain and moved away, were happy to be reunited:

They started the fireworks show on our way back to the car, so we all laid flat on our backs on the grass to watch it. The fireworks were being launched a mere 75 feet from us, and it was fascinating to watch them from that perspective. Something hit me in the face when I was laying there, and I realized it was debris from the fireworks! Maybe we were a little too close to the action...

Did we get the rocks finished? Of course not! After Scott went golfing with his two friends that were in town visiting, they went to the rock place to pick up enough to finish the project. Unfortunately, the store was "closed for inventory," so we'll have to wait until this weekend to try to finish that again.

They did a couple other random projects, though. They picked up new outlets at Lowe's and replaced our two outdoor outlets that hadn't been working since we moved into the house. That was wonderful news since it meant we didn't need to hire an electrician to come out to investigate.

Levi helped me put together my lovely chaise lounge from WalMart, so I spent the rest of the weekend reading books and soaking up the sun! Thank you, Levi.

Poor Jake found himself up in a tree, helping Scott string up the solar patio lights.

They also hung up the shutters we have been meaning to add to the back window that match the front of the house.

Plant Progress Report
I have managed to keep almost all of our new plants alive! One of our geraniums bit the dust, but the rest are still going strong. 

The lovely Bouganvilla...
Pretty, right?!

We closed the weekend at Scott's baseball banquet. Here he is with his precious little team of freshmen. They're so cute!

And here he is with the other baseball coaches:

He gave a great speech about his team, and I was really proud. Bonus part of the banquet? They gave all the coaches' wives a hanging plant, which is a great addition to my collection. I never thought I would get excited about plants, but that's my new reality. Ha ha!

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