We Rocked It.

It turns out that shopping for rocks is actually kind of fun.

We set out on Saturday to buy some landscaping rock for the backyard, but the first place we visited was closed. Crisis averted, however, as a good friend of ours directed us to Custom Stone Supply. They had tons of options. We ended up buying one ton of "Native Stone," which was the most affordable option at $50/ton. This stone was cheapest because it is native to Texas.

Native Stone:

And then we went and picked out 10-12 oversized stones from the "New Mexico" pile. Those things were heavy! They weighed 320 lbs total and rang up about $36. 

(While I was at church this morning, I looked down at my engagement ring and noticed it was bent out of shape and was no longer a perfect circle. I think these stones were so heavy that they bent my ring when I was lifting them! Whoops.)

New Mexico:

Pretty, right?

Then we took it all home and started the process. The first thing we had to do was lay the landscaping edging to create a lovely home for our rocks. After last weekend's patio project, neither of us was too excited to bust out the shovels again, but this went pretty quickly:

Then we had to lay the weed protectant sheets and start hauling the rocks from the truck to the yard. 

Unfortunately, we ran out of rocks before we finished the entire project. The rock place is closed Sundays, so we'll have to go back and get more rocks at another time. We are really pleased with how it is shaping up so far, though!

Last night we had another couple over for dinner on the patio, and it was perfect. Scott and I agreed that moments like that were exactly what we had in mind when we set out to create more living space for the backyard. So far, so good!

*Monday? NOooooOOOOOoooo not yet!*

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