Style Quiz

Back when I was a teenager (which was, like, SO totally five years ago ago), I loved taking quizzes in my favorite magazines.

"What Type of Friend Are You?"
"What Guy is Your Type?"
"What's Your Personal Style?"

Whether the results were totally on-point or completely wrong, they were always entertaining. Today I was reading the lovely Roost blog that featured the Sproost style quiz. The quiz shows you pictures of different rooms and you decided whether you love, like, dislike, hate or just plain don't care about the room in the picture.

I took the style quiz and my results were a mix of three different styles. I'm 40% Mountain Lodge Style, 40% Rustic Revival and 20% Nantucket Style. I would have to say that is pretty darn accurate. I love stone fireplaces and salvaged wood pieces, but also I love a preppy, graphic print.

Let's analyze the living room. The rug, with its warm colors and cozy vibe? Mountain Lodge style.  The coffee table, with its salvaged wood look and old casters? Rustic Revival. That cheeky chevron blanket and bright white flowers? Nantucket-y. I see where they are going with this!

Now, the kitchen. The stone backsplash? Mountain lodge-y. The open shelving with simple white plates? Rustic. Another chevron print and the grey-blue color of the cabinets? Nantucket-ish.

Ok, so I can agree with the assessment. If you take the quiz, make sure you click on "More" after your results so you can see the full percentage breakdown of your different styles. Before I clicked that I thought they had just pegged me as Mountain Lodge Style, which isn't completely accurate. It made much more sense when combined with the other two.

What's your personal style? Take the quiz and tell me!
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