Stepping Stones

To tie in our new paver patio with our old concrete patio, we decided to replace the old stepping stones to the driveway with new ones made out of our new pavers. We needed a way to make our small pavers stick together to form a larger stepping stone, so Scott came up with a great idea.

He formed the shape of the stepping stone we wanted, and then he cut a piece of plywood to size. He used Loctite adhesive to attach the pavers to the plywood.

Once the adhesive was dry, he added polymer sand, which is the same product we used in between the stones for the patio. It's kind of like cement or grout and works to hold everything together. 

Brilliant, right? He placed them in a curving pattern to mimic the curves of the patio, and then he filled in the surrounding area with our landscape rock. Voila, a path to the driveway! This path is very important because this is how we come and go from the house everyday. 

Mr. Perfectionist made sure his stepping stone was level with the existing concrete patio.

I know the shade isn't helping you see the stones that well, but it's the only picture I have. You get the idea, I'm sure!

Now, if only we could get our sprinkler system working so that all of these parched earth would be covered with lush green grass. That would be nice!

* Go Dallas Mavericks! *

(Showing some love for our local team!)
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