Random Thoughts Before the Weekend

Well, we had art lesson #2 last night, and I did my best to teach the girls how to draw horses. They're also getting better at using their shading pencils and blending stumps, which is something we're working on. I was pretty impressed with how their horses came out, and it's always fun to see how they inject their own personality into their work. (These girls are in first and third grade, in case you're wondering.)

We were going to have some friends over for a little patio party tonight, but the weather is not looking promising! I'm not a great photographer, but here is a picture I snapped of the solar lights on my phone:

We definitely want to buy more of these lights, but they aren't the cheapest thing around. They come on every night without fail, and it makes it feel like a party on the patio every night.  (And, unfortunately, it looks like they are out of stock.)

Our plans for the weekend? First of all, we have to go down to the Dallas County Tax Office and protest our 2011 home appraisal. They appraised it at a number much, much higher than we paid less than a year ago, and that number is not even close to what houses are selling for in our neighborhood. That appraisal raised our mortgage payments by $100/month, so we are definitely going down there to protest first thing Saturday morning. 

Then, we hope to finally finish this rock project! Hopefully the rock supply store isn't closed for inventory this weekend (like it was last Saturday). 

Scott bought some outdoor lighting for the front of the house, so we're hoping to get those installed. I say "hoping" because it's supposed to be rainy and gross all weekend, so who knows what outdoor work will actually get done?

We have a couple new followers on board this week, and I want to say WELCOME! I'm still somewhat new to this blogging stuff, but nothing makes me happier than a new follower. :)
* I love Fridays *
...especially Fridays at 5 pm. All you worker bees know what I mean!

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