Outdoor Lighting

I couldn't get my blog to work the entire week, so I'm a full week behind on posting. Let me start by saying Happy Memorial Day! Now, on to the post that was supposed to run last Monday:

My husband spent a good portion of his weekend adding outdoor lighting to our casa. He's very particular about this kind of stuff, so I just get out of the way and let him do his thing. He only asks for me when he's not sure where to place the lights.

My role in the whole process? Pick out the lights!

I love a copper finish, so we went with THESE lights from Lowe's. The kits are definitely cheaper when you factor in the lights, wiring and transformer. Then we also bought THESE spotlights so we could up-light the trees.

The lights make a huge difference. They highlight the pretty parts of the patio and create a warm vibe in the backyard, which used to be pitch black.

Now I can't wait for my candle lanterns to come in that I wrote about LAST WEEK so that I can perfect the lighting situation out there. 

Scott also added some lights to the front of the house. I think it adds a nice "glow." What do you think?

* Happy Memorial Day *

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