Just Checking In...

I was doing so well with trying to write in this blog on a regular basis, but I've been pretty bad lately! In all fairness, we haven't made any progress on the house since we filled in half of our "rock garden" two weeks ago.

We got halfway done and ran out of rocks. Unfortunately, we still haven't been back to the rock place for more supplies because we have been too busy! Last weekend we went to a wedding and spent Mother's Day visiting my parents a few hours away, and we have no spare time during the week because of Scott's busy spring football schedule.

We planned to do it this weekend, but Scott's former teammates have spontaneously decided to come spend the weekend with us. I was thinking they would be great at hauling rocks around- big, strong college football players- but I think they have a relaxing weekend of golf and Texas Rangers baseball in mind. Who am I to ruin their DFW vacation?!

One new thing we have going on? Art lessons! This week was my first official gig as art teacher as I hosted my friend's daughters for some creativity time. It was so fun! I surprised them with sketchbooks, which they promptly decorated. Then I asked them to draw portraits of each other. They used their new graphite pencils and blending stumps. I hope they had fun because I know I did! Check out these beautiful pictures:

Precious, right?! I'll have to take a better photo next time. I just snapped this one with my phone.

In case you're wondering, this isn't some new business venture I'm going into or anything like that. My friend just had a baby and I wanted to help, so I offered to occupy her girls for a few hours a week doing something they love, art! They've said they want to learn how to draw horses, hands, and teeth. Haha! I'll do my best.

I hope you have a great weekend. We're off to watch the Rangers (hopefully) beat the Angels tonight!

* Go Rangers *
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