*twinkle twinkle*

We're pretty excited about the little UPS delivery that arrived today... twinkly patio lights!

Solar twinkly patio lights, to be exact.

Actually, they are Phillips 50 ct. LED Solar Powered String Lights- Warm White Bulbs if you want to be really exact. I ordered them from www.Target.com because I wasn't able to find them in my local store.

I'm not really a fan of the bright white/blue light that solar LED lights normally give out, so the "warm white" section of the product description really appealed to me. I was worried they would still be that bluish white, but they are actually that great gold-white of the classic Christmas and patio lights. I was also encouraged by the good product reviews for the lights on Target's site.

They hardly got any sun because we took them out of the box right before sunset, but they still came alive once the sun went down. We were quite impressed!

It's going to be really fun to have them come on automatically when the sun goes down. They're also quite small, so they definitely give a romantic-outdoor-space vibe instead of a festive-Christmas-tree vibe.

Random side note: Does anyone else love that scene at the end of She's All That where Freddie Prinze Jr. is dancing with Rachel Leigh Cook by the pool, and her dad sneakily flips on the pretty lights he had strung through all the trees around the pool? So romantic! I loved that movie...

*Happiness on a string*
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