Patio Progress & More Scenes from the weekend

I'm glad I had my trusty phone around this weekend to snap some photos...

1. The pavers arrived! It was dark but I couldn't help but lay some out to see how they would look with the existing concrete slab.

2.  My best friend arrived and I took her for a long jog/walk at beautiful White Rock Lake. Our style is one headphone in, one headphone out. That way we can hear each other talking and don't get run over by cyclists.

3. Scott rented a tiller from Ace Hardware. I took this awesome picture from our master bedroom window as I watched him use all his strength to battle the very tough Texas soil in our backyard (that's the window screen pattern you're seeing on the photo). LOL @ his facial expression!

4. Our sweet nuggets relaxed while mom and dad did all of the hard labor. Well, dad did all of the hard labor while Kelsey and I helped pull up the old brick path. Notice our dead grass and weed problem. Oops...

5. We dug out for a big ol' patio! I CAN'T WAIT! This is definitely one of those projects where I want to snap my fingers and magically have a fabulous patio. Our hope is to finish it this weekend when my parents come up for Easter and my dad helps Scott lay down the pavers.

* daydreaming about a patio party *

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