Patio Inspiration

This weekend is patio time!

I was gung-ho to help Scott start the patio on Saturday, but my best friend in the whole wide world found a great rate on a flight yesterday and spontaneously decided to fly in for the weekend! Looks like we'll be out shopping and sightseeing (woohoo!) while Scott recruits some buddies to help him on the patio.

Did you know Lowe's has great How-To videos on YouTube? Even before we decided what pavers to use, Scott found this video to show him how to do a paver patio. The best part is we ended up buying the exact pavers they are using in this video, so it's even more helpful than we thought!

During this process, we also started scoping out patio furniture. I honestly had no idea it was so expensive! Sheesh. One of the things I really want is a lounger so that I can lay on the patio and get some sun. Most of the loungers I was finding were $200-$300, and that is definitely not in the budget!

Finally, I found this lounger on Walmart's website. It has pretty good reviews and lays all the way down flat, which was one of my requirements. Plus, it's only $88!

photo from Walmart.com

Here are some of the other items on my outdoor space wish list (notice I said wish list, implying that there is very little chance I will actually pony up the cash to buy these):

photo from landscapelighting1.com

photo from Pier1.com

photo from CB2.com

photo from PotteryBarn.com

Isn't that margarita stand cute?!

Speaking of margaritas, have you tried the Skinny Girl Margarita yet? I highly recommend! I love margaritas but I always feel guilty because they are so high in calories. This stuff totally solves that problem. I can't wait to have one with my best friend this weekend!

*Hurry up, Friday!*

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