Online Shopping for Outdoors

It may be raining outside, but I'm daydreaming of beautiful [rain-less] evenings on the patio.

We've even made some patio purchases in anticipation of the finished product!

Now, this first purchase was an exercise in proper marital compromise. Scott is a total audio-geek, and he really wanted speakers for the back patio. I wasn't thrilled about having two big black speakers hanging from our roof. We were able to compromise with this lovely speaker from Amazon.com:

Cool, right? We haven't received it yet so I'll let you know about sound quality and all that when we finally put it to use. Scott is excited because it is wireless, and he should be able to control it with his iPhone from anywhere near the house.

Then I ordered my lovely lounger from Walmart:

I see sunbathing in my future (with SPF protection, of course)...

Lastly, we ordered these solar string lights from Target. I'm a little on the fence about them because I don't usually like the white/blue light that a solar light fixture gives off. Maybe this will be more of the warm color that I really like. These are great for us because our outdoor outlets don't work and we didn't want cords running all over the place. We plan to string these through the tree about the outdoor eating area... can't wait!

Want to see what else I have in mind for the patio? Come visit me at Pinterest to see my patio inspiration board

Scott is off from work for the Easter holiday starting tomorrow, so I think we can make a lot of progress this weekend! I'm just hoping the weather cooperates because there is a 30-60% chance of rain all weekend. That would really be a bummer because we have totally reserved this weekend for the patio project and have my parents coming up to provide extra hands. 

Of course, we're going to celebrate Easter as well, so if it rains we'll just enjoy church and family time.

* it's raining, it's pouring...*

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