Let's Talk About Rocks

Our backyard has a little problem. A big problem, actually. It's patrolled by two adorable and incredibly destructive mutts named Shiner and Rory. We call them our nuggets. Here they are enjoying the new patio:

We love them, but they dig. They really, really like to dig. We leave them in our backyard when we go to work and often come home to new holes in the grass. It's hard to be mad because they give us those doggy grins with the stupid dirt and mud all over their face, completely guilty, and I can hardly resist. Does that mean I will be a terrible parent one day?
Anyway, the reason we need to talk about rocks is because of the notorious nuggets. We plan to fill in the portions of our backyard surrounding the patio with landscaping rock that we're hoping won't be very fun to dig. We think that is our best solution for the digging problem, but who knows? They may enjoy digging their paws into big, sharp rocks. They've done weirder things in the past, like eat whole sections of carpet and go to the bathroom on the wall (yes, that takes talent for two girl puppies). 

We'll be going shopping for rocks this weekend at the local supplier where we purchase the base sand for the patio, Soil Building Systems. We feel like they have a great selection and great prices. They're used to filling semi-trucks with huge loads of materials, but they don't blink when we ask for 1 bag of crushed granite. I like that!

The question is, what type of landscaping rock should we go for? The goal is to create something visually appealing that will also provide a good base for tons of potted plants that I want to place on top of the rocks (eventually). Maybe it will have the same look at this?

(Photo from www.home-landscape-plan.com)

Or maybe something like this? (Minus the pond, of course.)

(Photo from www.4seasonsoutdoors.net)

Anyway, these are some of the rock choices on from Soil Building Systems. Leave a comment to let me know which one you think would be best in our backyard, surrounding the new PATIO!

I need help, so let me know your thoughts. I guess rocks aren't my thing because I'm feeling pretty indecisive on this one! You never know, maybe they will have even more options in person and I'll be completely smitten with something.

* Happy Royal Wedding Day! *

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