Easter Weekend Project: A New Patio!

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. It's just like Christmas– so important to remember the true reason for the holiday.

Scott and I were both off from work for the Easter holiday on Friday, so we attacked the patio project with a vengeance! It went so well that we had everything done by today and have been able to enjoy a beautiful Easter and true Sabbath Sunday.

It's pretty, right?!

Scott had rented a tiller and dug out the space last weekend:

Then we woke up early on Friday and got to work. Using two PVC pipes and a 2x4, we leveled out the sand base for the pavers:

Then he misted the sand and we started laying pavers. It was such hard work! Between carrying the pavers from the driveway to the backyard, squatting to place the pavers, and then putting all our muscle into pounding them into the sand with a rubber mallet, it was quite a workout. My lower back, thighs and right arm are all very sore!

I did 1/4 of the patio by myself while Scott was out picking up more sand, so I was pretty proud of that. By the time he got back my whole body was killing me and I was ready to retire. I'm so thankful that I married a very hard worker. Scott worked on that patio nonstop until it was done, and it took about10 hours of work on Friday. My husband ROCKS.

Once all of the pavers were in place, we installed the border to keep them in place through heavy rains and big storms.  

Then Scott rented a plate compactor and used it to make sure all of the pavers were pressed down as far as possible and would remain stable.

That was all for Friday because it got dark and we got hungry. :)

Saturday morning, my mom and I went shopping for plants to decorate the patio while Scott and my dad used polymer sand to "grout" the pavers. When I got home, the patio was finished! We weren't allowed to walk on it for 24 hours, but we spent plenty of time admiring it from the french doors...

What's a beautiful patio without a patio set? We were going to make do with the dinky little set we had, but my dad broke the pitiful folding chair during the work process so I took that as a sign to invest in something more... substantial.  We picked up this beautiful set at Target, and we love it. It's so much heavier and prettier than anything else we saw at this price point (and believe me, I shopped around)!

(Scott likes to put his cell calls on speaker phone and then rest it on his shoulder like that while he talks. He's weird. )

We still have big tasks to finish for the rest of the backyard, but Phase 1: Build a Patio is complete. :)

We just had a relaxing Easter lunch out there, and it was so nice. I'm looking forward to many more meals on the patio...

Meanwhile, we need the local hardware spot to open so that we can rent a chain saw and cut up this huge thing that ended up in our front yard after the big storm last night:

We headed to Easter services this morning feeling very blessed that this didn't fall on our roof. 

* Happy Easter *

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