Big Backyard Plans!

Things have been SO busy lately, but we're finally ready to take on another big project. The weather has been really beautiful in Texas lately, and it has motivated us to work on our backyard.

Truth be told, the backyard is somewhat of a disaster.

The good:
Big yard on a corner lot with a beautiful fence
Big beautiful trees providing some shade

The bad:
Our dogs like to dig. A LOT.
We don't have a working sprinkler system to keep the grass looking green

Did I mention we have a rogue rosebush that's trying to take over the back patio area?

Yes, the dogs have a digging problem.

Exhibit A:

Holes galore!

Exhibit B:

The grass used to come all the way around the tree, and there were even these beautiful bushes with purple flowers on them. Then we moved in and the furry nuggets proceeded to dig out every single root of this tree. I'm sure they think something is living in that hole at the base of the tree.

Anyway, we're fortunate to have a large lot for our neighborhood. We can afford to give away some grassy area (or in our case, hole-filled space) in favor of a bigger patio. That's just what we're going to do!

We traced out this faint white shape so you can see where we want to go with the patio:

We inherited that table and chairs from the previous owner, so we threw it out there to see how much room we would need.

Here's the view from the opposite corner of the yard, if that helps. 

Anyway, here's the plan. We're going to use these pavers to create the look we want, building off the existing concrete patio.

photo from Lowes.com

I'll post pictures on the progress as we go!

*Where did the weekend go?*
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