Spring In Our Stoop

We've been working on our yard this week, trying to spruce it up as spring weather settles in DFW.

We planted some geraniums in our two built-in planters. I planted something! I'm so proud! I'll be even more proud if they are still alive in two weeks...

Then we put the new flowers in the red pots and placed them on our front stoop.

Do you like my new door mat? It's actually two door mats placed next to each other to make a big one. I picked them up at Ikea the other day. I love the geometric pattern.

It's already looking so much better! We also trimmed our hedges and trees and put down new mulch. Scott also spread some TurfBuilder stuff all over the lawn to a) help the grass grow and b)kill the weeds. We'll see how well it works within a couple of weeks. Chances are we will have to invest in some spray weed killer, too. We made some amateur missteps with our lawn this winter (didn't put down winterizer or something else to prevent the weed growth), but we'll just have to learn from our mistakes!

*Grow grass, grow!*

P.S. It's 73 degrees in Coppell today. Beautiful!

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