One Room at a Time...

The dining room floor is done! Now we have a seamless floor from the entry, living room, hallway, kitchen and dining room. We still have to finish the office nook, but it turns out that room is a different, more-textured concrete and our floors might not adhere as well.

I totally love this view of the floors leading from the living room all the way to the french doors. Using the same flooring throughout just makes the space feel bigger. It's fantastic! Once again my husband outdid himself, finishing up these floors while I was playing volleyball all day Saturday. He's such a trooper!

Like my new #6 pillow? We had a Steinmart gift card, so we picked that up yesterday. Why 6? It's Scott's former football number. My volleyball number was #10, but they didn't go up to 10 (or else I would have been tempted to get one for myself, too)!

*Spring Fever*
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