Herringbone Paper Collage Table

I wanted to make something.
I didn't want to spend any money.
I had this random side table/stool that I wasn't using.
I had recently jumped on the herringbone pattern bandwagon, spotting it in the wood floors and back splashes on some recent HGTV shows.

These forces combined to create..... CAPTAIN PLANET!!
(Just kidding. Hee hee. I loved that show.)

Really, I figured out what I had in mind, and an hour later I had the "Herringbone Paper Collage Table."

If you have followed my past projects, you know I love Mod Podge. I also love covering things in vintage book pages. Past evidence can be found here, here and here. I wanted to translate those things in a new way, so I came up with this idea for the top of our spare table/stool.

Here is what I started with:

The first thing I did was cut my book pages into strips. No, I didn't measure it (SO not my style). I just cut them in semi-straight strips around the same width.

Then I laid the strips out on top of the table to see if the pattern would work:

I decided I liked it, so I went ahead and starting adhering the strips to the surface with Mod Podge.

Once I was done, I trimmed the overhanging pieces.

I took the leftover strips and adhered them to the sides to give it a cleaner look.

I was very liberal with the Mod Podge once I had everything in place. I wanted there to be a really thick coat on top of the paper to make sure it would stay. Oh, and I used the glossy Mod Podge formula.

Then I just cleaned up the legs to get the random paint splatters removed, and it looked good as new!

I really liked how the pattern looked from above, even though my strips aren't perfectly straight. I think it adds to the charm of the piece, but maybe that's just me trying to justify my dislike for measurement and exact cuts. :)

I placed at the end of our hallway, in a random nook by our full-length mirror. It looked lonely, so I topped it with a $1 bucket from Target filled with tissue flowers from our wedding decor. I'm happy with this quick little project, and my creative urge is fulfilled for the day!

*Have a great Wednesday...*

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