~Happy Weekend & Spring Break~

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad the weekend is here!

 Not only that– this weekend marks the beginning of spring break for some of the Texas schools (including the one employing my husband). I have a regular job and don't get spring break, but I'm excited for him to have some free time to work on projects. Maybe I'll take a personal day and help him with the new floors...

Finally, some time to work on the house! We have some big plans for this week, but we have no idea if they will actually happen:

  1. Pass PPR test. (This one is for my husband. He has to take this test to be a certified teacher, and he is scheduled to take it on Wednesday. Prayers, please!)
  2. Get the sprinkler system fixed! Some wise sprinkler-repair man put his business card on our front door, and now he is coming to give a free estimate on Monday. Hopefully the lawn will be beautiful and green in no time!
  3. Pull up laminate floors in living and dining room, being replacing them with new floors.  YES!
  4.  Paint front door... I'm thinking glossy black.
  5.  Possibly buy some plants and attempt to have a green thumb? (This is really ambitious.)
Do you take walks? We love to take walks around our neighborhood and have recently discovered a few streets with gorgeous homes that are ideal. We walk, we admire, we dream, we try to steal ideas for our own house. 

Anyway, I snapped a shot of someone's tree on my walk– isn't it pretty? Five points to the first person who tells me what kind of tree that is! Really, I would love to know. It's beautiful!

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