For the First Time Ever, I Bought a Plant.

I bought two plants, actually!

This week has been all about working on our yard, so I went to Home Depot yesterday and bravely went where I have never been before– the plant nursery. I left with a pot of geraniums and a smaller pot of impatiens, both fuschia in color. I also bought two deep red flower pots that I want to put by our front door to liven it up a bit.

 all photos from www.homedepot.com

Scott requested that I purchase some weed killer that he can spread over the yard, so I came home with that as well.

We had a sprinkler repairman come out on Monday to give us an estimate to fix our sprinkler system, and it was way higher than I expected– $800! At that price, I don't think we will be getting those sprinklers fixed anytime soon. It's sad because that was our top priority, but we are all about building our savings right now and don't want to throw $800 at the sprinklers. We'll probably seek second and third opinions to see if that first guy's quote was too high.

Meanwhile, we're doing what we can to spruce up the lawn on a budget. We've trimmed the trees down and manicured the shrubs in front. We're hoping to add new mulch to freshen it up and make the curb appeal look more polished. 

I'll share pictures when we finish. This is all I have so far- a quick snapshot of the bushes we have trimmed and the empty spaces we need to fill. 

The grass is trying to make a comeback, and we're praying that we didn't kill it completely. The honest truth is that we have no idea what we're doing when it comes to lawn work, and we're just winging it. Those random piles in front of the bushes? Those are the trimmings- we hadn't bagged them up yet when I took this picture. 

As for the backyard? OH MAN, it is bad! I'll have to take some pictures. The nuggets have completely demolished that backyard since we moved in, digging holes everywhere and leaving paths of dead grass all along the fence. We also have a major crabgrass problem back there, so it's not looking good. We're hoping to tackle a backyard project during the husband's summer vacation that would incorporate a huge patio instead of a huge expanse of dead grass with large holes, but it will have to wait until we have the funds saved up. We love our puppies, but wow, they have done a number back there.

*It's almost St. Patty's Day!*

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