We [Finally] Have a Coffee Table

Our living room has been coffee table-less for a long time. At first we liked it that way because we could use the open floor space to play with the nuggets or do exercise videos. Then we got a gym membership and realized the nuggets would rather sleep all day than play, so we decided it was time for a coffee table.

I had been casually searching for a table for months, randomly shooting the husband emails with links and pictures to see what he might like. We never found one that we both really liked, but I don't think we really knew what we wanted. I was hoping for a table with wheels so that we could move it out of the way easily, but he thought wheels were ugly. We even thought about building our own coffee table, but we couldn't decide on a certain style.

Then I got an email from World Market announcing their latest products, and a coffee table caught my eye. I sent it to Scott, and he thought it was great. Before I knew it, we had visited the store in person, confirmed we loved the table and made the purchase!

I love the bottom shelf. It will be great for storing books and extra blankets for TV time.

It rolls! The wheels roll any direction, and they lock when you don't want them going anywhere.

We love the table for many reasons. The styling is very cool, mixing the wood and metal. It's not girly or masculine– totally unisex. It's unlike any furniture style we have, which I love. The wheels/casters are sturdy (and husband doesn't think they are ugly, so that's a bonus). Yesterday I ate dinner on the table, rolling it right up to my legs for comfortable dining. We are eat-in-front-of-the-TV-people, so that function is very convenient!

I guess I wasn't the only one who liked this table because I can't find it on the World Market site anymore. Maybe they sold out already? The coffee table was part of the Aiden line, which also included a sofa table, end table and etagere. They were all online a few days ago, but now the only Aiden item available for online purchase is the end table.

If you like this style, I'm sure they will be restocking it online soon. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a store nearby who still has some left. I hadn't been to World Market in a long time, but they really had some great new stuff- curtains, upholstered chairs, towels, artwork. I recommend checking it out!

Happy Wednesday! :)
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