This is what happens when the weather has prevented you from leaving the house for three straight days:


Haha! Seriously though, has Texas ever had a situation where we have been "iced in" for four straight days? This is crazy! This white stuff in our backyard? Pure ice. It doesn't even crack when we step on it. I'm not sure when it is going to get warm enough for this stuff to melt...

When we get too stir crazy, we go outside and play with the nuggets on our backyard ice rink.

Poor Wilson. 

This unique situation has forced us to come up with projects we can do with what we already have around the house. So far we have completely reorganized my closet (matching hangers, new shelves, the works!), grouted some random tiles in our bathroom that had been replaced, touched up some paint, taken down our broken chandelier (we failed to fix it), CLEANED everything...

We're facing day four of this tomorrow, so we need something else to do!
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