Steel Curtain(s)

Despite my misleading headline, this blog has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. But if we're going to talk about it, I loved seeing Aaron Rodgers go out there and put on a show! My husband, former collegiate quarterback, loves watching him play and often shakes his head in amazement after one of his picture-perfect throws. We were rooting for the Packers and were happy to see him slice up the "Steel Curtain."

This post, however, does involve curtains. The other day when I went to West Elm to pick up our new duvet, I made a visit to the sale section in the back of the store. That was where I scored these fabulous ikat curtains for only $15/each! I am a frequent visitor to the West Elm website and I've eyed these curtains for a long time, so I was thrilled to find them for such a great deal. I snatched up two panels (they only had the 108" length left) and here they are, adding a little pop of color to the kitchen and french doors.

(Please ignore the dirty french doors... we had some muddy dog noses 
pressed up against it after our crazy snow/ice situation melted away yesterday.)

Love this verse we heard at church, and it's so fun to put new words of wisdom on the chalkboard. Gives me some focus and perspective every time I leave the house.
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