Play Ball! (*Happy Friday*)

I haven't been posting that much because, well, life got busy! Our schedule feels extra packed now that Scott started coaching baseball. He's now teaching and balancing football and baseball, and I feel like I haven't seen him these last two weeks! Scratch that, I did see him last night (from the bleachers) as I watched his baseball team add a notch to the win column.

(For our friends and family that want to follow Scott's baseball team, check out this site. He coaches the freshman team. )

(Photo taken from this site.) 

Who is that handsome third base coach?! This was just a scrimmage so he didn't have to wear the uniform, but it's pretty funny to see him rocking white baseball pants. They are definitely out of his fashion comfort zone!

The baseball tournament continues tonight and tomorrow, so we'll be spending our weekend at the field. I am hoping to get some projects done, including building a diaper cake (should be interesting), laying down some great new rugs we bought and hopefully continuing our flooring project. I also have ambitions of customizing one of my vases with a great chevron pattern. Hopefully I'll have a lot to share next week. Then again, I might get distracted by the Academy Awards...

My thought process this week:

"Hey baseball, can I have my handyman back so that we can work on our house?... What? Three more months of this? And then he'll be busy because spring football starts? But when are we going to renovate our guest bathroom and finish all of the flooring in the house?!"

Looks like I need to teach myself how to use some power tools if I plan on getting anything done these next few months...

*Have a great weekend!*
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