My New Closet!

There's nothing like a weather lockdown to force you to do projects you would normally be too busy to tackle.  It also helps when Kate at Centsational Girl posts a very inspiring closet makeover...

For me, that task was my closet. It was an epic disaster. My husband makes me close the closet door every night because the sight of it stresses him out and ruins his peaceful sleep.

He was itching for a project on Wednesday, our second "ice" day.

Me: "How about reworking my closet?"

Him: "I would love for YOU to work on YOUR closet..."

Me: "But I would need your help..."

And so it began. Here is a before shot I took when we bought the house:

There are three closets in the house that are fully cedar-lined. Someone who lived here before us put hours and hours of work and care into these closets. I wouldn't dare mess with the cedar because I know a lot of people consider that a great upgrade, but I wish the closet were brighter. 

This little area of the closet was the first order of business:

What is this little contraption? Well, the real Texans have told us it is a cowboy hat rack. I don't have any  cowboy hats, so it was taking up valuable real estate in my closet. I asked my handyman husband to switch the hat rack out for shoe shelves. 

(Check out that closet floor. I couldn't walk in to the closet at all. Major storage problem!)

An hour later, I was a happy camper!

Next, we knocked out on the bottom shelves on the other side of the closet and removed all the dated shelf liner paper.  That gave us the perfect space to house my two plastic storage units that had previously been sitting below the mirror. Moving those storage units off the floor opened up so much space! It felt so liberating...

Next I organized all my clothes (doing my best to color code them) and made sure every hanger in my closet was the same. That always makes things look more organized, right? That's what my organized friends tell me...

(I am the queen of cardigans.)

I added three laundry baskets at the bottom on the closet– one for whites, one for colors and one for bulky items like towels and blankets. 

Still, the closet was feeling awfully dark because of the cedar lining. I decided to have a little fun with the closet mirror to add a bit of personality to the space. 

Full disclosure: I hate this mirror. When standing in the middle of this closet with the light completely overhead, it is the least flattering mirror EVER. I've stopped getting dressed in the closet because it's like trying on clothes in the world's worst dressing room. That's why I added a message to myself on this mirror: Be Thankful. It's a reminder that when I look in the mirror, I should be thankful for this body that God has given me instead of dwelling on every flaw. (Also, my marriage verse is Thessalonians 5:16-18, so I have a special affection for the words "be thankful.")

The words are written on the frame with white puff paint and can be peeled off at any time. I painted the mirror a taupe color and added a white paisley motif with my puff paint. I can't help it– I tend to get carried away when I have puff paint in my hand.

We also grabbed some small hooks at Home Depot so I could hang my hats. Takes up a lot less space than that cowboy hat rack!

Oh, and check out this cool touch added by the previous owner–a pull-out storage place that works perfectly for my scarf collection!


The last touch?

I bought this hanger for my wedding dress from this an awesome Etsy shop that I can't locate anymore. I didn't really have a place for the hanger anymore, so I added it to the outside of the closet so that everyone knows this is Mrs. Grantham's closet. :)

I'm very happy with my closet, and my husband is sleeping better now. EVERYBODY WINS!

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