Master Bedroom Tweaks

Our master bedroom, specifically our bed, has been a work in progress since we moved in. The furniture has all been given to us by either my grandpa or my parents. We did buy the headboard though, a bargain purchase from Target with our wedding gift cards. The last thing I did to the room was the wall art above the bed.

The bed linens have just been thrown together. My mom gave us the bedskirt, the sheets were a HomeGoods purchase, the thin blanket was from the Target dorm collection and the white comforter was a clearance buy from Bed, Bath & Beyond that didn't have the matching pillows. I like the comforter, but the white got pretty dirty from the dogs leaning against it. It was way too puffy to wash, and I didn't want to pay to get it dry cleaned on a regular basis. We made the decision to get a duvet so we could wash it easily.

I love the calm, serene vibe of a white bed, so I wanted to stay with a white duvet. I love the West Elm duvets, and I asked the YHL folks if they have enjoyed their West Elm duvets. They raved about their own duvets, so we pulled the trigger. Unfortunately we didn't get a massive discount or anything, but we did buy during the White Sale, so we got 15% off. What do you think?

We also mixed up the headboard a little bit by draping two place mat/table runners from CB2 (another lovely wedding gift) over the top. I love how it changes the look with zero effort! 

Is it just me or does the duvet look like a lemon meringue pie? YUM! I can tell you that it is super soft and I am having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning...

We also switched out the knobs on the bedside tables and the tall chest by the closet, which definitely modernizes the space.

We aren't the only ones who got a new bed! This one is also a "duvet" that we can take off and wash, which is a nice feature. 

Obviously this room is still a work in progress, but we are happy with it for now. I can't wait to replace that carpet, but this room is behind the dining room and office in the "next to get new floors" line. 

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