The Great Paint Debate

Today was our fifth snow day in the last eight weekdays. How crazy is that?

I needed a small project to occupy my mind, so I decided to paint my beloved dining table. My parents gave me their old dining table when I moved into a house my sophomore year of college, so this table has made it into the five different houses and apartments I have lived in since. It's an awesome table, and it was a great place to do homework during undergrad and grad school. Now it's a great place to sit when I work from home, and we occasionally eat there (when we aren't plunked in front of the TV).

I didn't have any interest in getting rid of this table and buying a new one, but I thought the table could stand to be freshened up a little.

Here's the previously black table after it had been scuffed up by the hand sander. 

So far this table has been painted white, brown and black. I wanted to use paint we already had, so I just went out into our garage and picked three different options. The far left is the grey/blue color we used to paint the kitchen cabinets. The middle color is the deep blue/grey that the previous owner had used on the bottom kitchen cabinets (and she left a can of that paint behind). The far right is a color called "Java" we picked up in the rejects section at Lowe's and already used in the master bedroom.

Once I slapped these test areas on the side of the table, I asked Scott what he liked. I was wavering between a light color or a dark color (and I also had a glossy black color in the garage I was considering), so I really needed his input. Right away he tossed out Java, saying it "looks more like a piece of furniture we should sit on." I think he applied this odd logic because our sofa, overstuffed chair, dining chairs and dining bench are all in the beige family. He had a point though– we really do have a lot of beige, and painting the table a neutral color might make everything blend together and look too blah.

He said he was leaning toward the dark blue color. I was intrigued by that option, too. It's still a pretty dark color so the change from black to blue would be subtle, but the navy color is a little unexpected and interesting. The best part was we wouldn't have to prime it before we painted it, which is always nice. We decided to just go for it! Before I knew it I was operating a hand sander for the first time and lying underneath the table to sand all the details on the legs. 

This is where I would normally post the "after" pictures, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. The paint is drying and I think it needs another coat, so I'll finish that up and post the final pictures. (And it doesn't look like we will get another snow day, so I'll do it tomorrow night.)

I really like the color so far, and I think it "wakes up" the dining area a little. The interesting thing is that the blue color is very obvious from some angles and some lighting situations, and from other angles the table still looks almost black. Our dining table is now moody and mysterious~ ooh la la! 

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