Birch Tree Nursery Mural

I told a couple of my friends that I was painting a baby nursery this weekend, and some of them thought it was for our own house. No, we are not expecting! Yes, I would have told you if I was!

Our good friends are expecting a baby boy in April, and I offered to paint a mural for their nursery. They accepted my offer, and we spent our Sunday working on this special project while they did their best to stay out of the house.

They chose this adorable bedding from JCPenney, so I used that as my inspiration. They gave me full creative license, and I tried not to share too many of my plans with them so they would be surprised. It's a very small room– 10x10 –so I tried to keep the designs minimal. I was trying to keep the room simple, bright and calm.

Overall, it went really smoothly. Scott added his special talents to the project, too. It was his idea to replace the white ceiling fan, so he went to the store and picked out a new fan/light with dark wood blades to bring out the brown in the bedding. He kept my company by taking down the other fan and installing the new one. He also used some wood chisels and a piece of oak firewood to carve the Reiter sign you'll see on the rocking chair in the pictures below. My only instructions were, "Imagine the sign on a little boy's tree house," and he interpreted that perfectly.

Overall, it went really smoothly. The only challenge was that the walls were very textured, so it was really tough to get a good clean line. They were really happy with the room, so I'm going to deem it a success!

This is the view of the room when you are standing in the doorway. The daybed and rocking chair were both staying, so we needed to work around those. The crib (which they don't have yet) would be on the wall opposite the day bed.

This is the corner we focused on first:

After a couple of hours, it looked like this:

That is Scott's cute little sign for Reiter on the chair. I can't wait to see where they end up hanging it!

Those are my favorite wall flowers on the trees. Reiter's mom had seen them at my house and liked them, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into the nursery. 

Here are the other sides of the room:

The crib will be placed on this wall, so I mimicked what I did on the other corner on this side:

The squirrel was a special request from Reiter's dad. They have had troubles with squirrels at their house, so he thought it would be funny to have a squirrel on the wall. I just pulled his shape from the bedding. 

We added some measurements to this brown flower so they can measure Reiter as he grows. Once he gets past 3.5 feet, they'll have to measure somewhere else!

Reiter's mom has made me promise that I will update these photos once she gets the room finished, complete with crib and other fun stuff. (Complete with baby Reiter, perhaps?) I can't wait to see the finished product, but it looks pretty cute for now!

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