Warning: This post has absolutely nothing to do with decorating (unless you count the budgeting part, which might force us to be more creative with our work on the house.)

The second half of 2010 was a complete whirlwind for us. We bought a house in June, got married in July, and hubby started his new job in August. Since his new job was as a teacher/football coach, the fall was filled with long hours at work, grading papers, going to practice and coaching football games. We never got to sit down and really talk about our goals for our day-to-day activities, our health, our finances and our spiritual lives. We decided that talking about our New Year's resolutions was the perfect time to really hammer some things out and set some goals for 2011. Here we go!


To this point in our marriage, we hadn't made a budget. We knew how much money we had and paid our bills and all of that, but we didn't have any goals for saving or putting money away. We finally put together a budget that should help us put a lot of money in savings this year, so we are excited about that. Everyone needs an emergency fund in case something goes wrong, and we depleted ours when we bought the house. Time to build it back up!



This one has two major parts. The first one involves utilizing our gym memberships to get "fit," not skinny. We were both college athletes and are certainly used to working out, but I haven't pushed myself anywhere near that level since my last collegiate game. Hubby really wants me to get into yoga because they do it with their football team, and he thinks it is great. I've always been intimidated by the classes because my body simply won't bend, and I'm probably the most inflexible girl you will ever meet. He joined my gym and has promised to go to the classes with me (but he didn't promise not to laugh).

The second part involves eating at home more instead of dining out or picking up fast food. We're doing well with this one so far. I'm trying to do better with planning out meals so that I actually buy useful, healthy items at the grocery store. So far so good! (I know it's only been one week, but I'm counting that as a victory.) This also helps out with our budget goals, too!


This one, involving our spiritual lives, is most important. There are big things happening in this department. First of all, we are joining our local church! (This has taken so long because hubby worked Sundays during football so we couldn't really settle on a church until that was over.) We have a new small group that we really like. We are starting a coaches' wives bible study with the fellow Flower Mound wives that I am really excited about, and we have been invited to be youth leaders at our new church. I'm still working with the Christian volleyball club whenever I can, and hubs is involved in Coaches' Outreach at his school.  We're also hoping to take part in the Financial Peace University course at our church, which of course ties in to resolution #1. We had prayed for opportunities to get involved, and they have presented themselves in many ways.

The second half of this resolution is to read our Bibles everyday. We were good about it last year but got away from it during the wedding/moving/job chaos, so now we are back with a 365-day reading plan. We have found that reading every day makes a huge difference for us.

I'm sharing these goals with the hope that making them public will hold us even more accountable.

Just for fun, here are some goals for the house in 2011:
* Finish the flooring throughout the house
* Renovate guest bathroom
* Create a cool patio with fun outdoor living space (and less grass for the nuggets to dig up)
* Lighten up the wall color in the main living areas
* Add more lighting throughout the house
* Get The Chair reupholstered

And a personal goal for myself:
* Do more artwork! Make more stuff! Be creative and resourceful so you can help yourself with goal #1 up there.

What about you? Did you make any resolutions? I want to hear about them!
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