Repurposing Christmas Decorations

We have now de-Christmased our house, and gone are the reds and greens and golds that were dominating the decor. I found this LOVE sign on clearance at HomeGoods before the holidays. It was painted red and I figured I could use it with my Christmas decor, even though that wasn't its original intention.

As I was putting the Christmas stuff in storage, I decided I liked the LOVE sign enough to find a way to incorporate it into our year-round decor. I threw some white paint on it while we were painting the kitchen walls, but it was looking a little flat. I bought this wrapping paper (on sale!) from Anthropologie that looks like lace, so I layered that over the sign with some Mod Podge to give it a little texture. It's very subtle, but I like it.

(Note: If you are a paper nerd like me, the Christmas wrapping paper from Anthropologie is really neat. It's super thick and has great texture. I got one pack that look like lace, one pack that looks like burlap and one that reminds me of the skins on Mexican tamales- each for $6 on sale. Totally worth it.)

What do you think about putting the LOVE sign on the mantel? I like how unexpected and fun it is in a room that pretty traditional, but I feel like it is missing something. It is solving the little problem we discovered when we took the Christmas garland off the mantel, which is that our mantel is a tiny bit crooked (emphasized by the perfectly straight picture hanging above the mantel). I guess we never noticed it because of the garland, and now the LOVE sign is successfully breaking up those straight lines so it's not too obvious.

I also brought in some white flowers, white candles for our [former unity candle] candelabra, and a shimmery white pillow to lighten up the fireplace a little. Our bright new kitchen has me wanting to paint the whole house a brighter color, including our green-ish living room, but that will have to wait until the hubby and I get a little more energy. We are burnt out on painting for a few weeks after finishing those kitchen cabinets!

I also have some brand new pillows for our sofa! I was checking out the Pier 1 post-holiday sale when I made the mistake of venturing over to the pillow section. I came home with these three and I think their shimmery material glams up our couch. I was trying to explain that to my husband (he never understands my need for more pillows), but his eyes glazed over when I said "shimmery velvet." Oh well!

These pillows are on sale and can be found here (in different colors). One side is velvet and the other side is a shimmery linen material, so both are pretty in their own way. We got the pewter color. I figure the velvet side will stay out in the winter and I'll use the linen side in the summer.

I also brought home several of these faux- Amaryllis from the holiday sale (not in vases, just long stems). Those are the white flowers you see on the hearth. I guess they are meant to be holiday flowers but I certainly plan to use mine year-round. 

Other random holiday items that made it home with me: a miniature wrought iron Christmas tree, a faceless snowman (poor guy), several white porcelain ornaments and capiz garland.

(By next Christmas this poor snowman will have a new face!)

 Did any of you find any great deals at the holiday sales? Let me know if you did– I love a good sale! :)

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