The Kitchen is Done (for now)!

We've been working hard on this kitchen all week, and I'm proud to say that it feels like a whole new space! We have successfully lightened up the color scheme with shades of grey/blue and white, and I've had two different people describe it as "fresh," which I take as a big compliment!

We're not quite done yet, but I want to show you how it looks anyway. We did all the painting before we replaced the floor, so the existing linoleum is now covered in paint. Hopefully we can replace the flooring next weekend to really polish it off. Also, our new fresh colors make the existing moulding look super dingy and yellow-y, so we'll have to paint those as soon as we can. We also need longer screws so the kitchen drawers are still knob-less, and we still need to grout the backsplash. That said, the majority of the work is done, and I'm so pleased with the result!

BEFORE (when we bought the house):


My favorite parts are the open shelving and the cute little nook by the back door. I love to see my white dishes against the grey/blue cabinet color, and that storage zone is both cute and functional for us. It will be the last thing we see when we leave and the first thing we see when we get home, so I'm glad it is now visually appealing!

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Stuff (and where it's from):
Shelf/cubby unit by back door- Pottery Barn outlet
Hooks by back door- Ikea
Linen Table Runner on top of Cubby Shelves- CB2
Key Art- HomeGoods
Clock- Bed Bath & Beyond
Rug (front of sink)- Kohls

We'll be bringing in this flooring to pull all of the living areas together, and it's going to look ten times better than the white linoleum. 

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