Kitchen Floor: DONE!

We finished the kitchen floor just in time for hubby's mom, stepdad and grandparents to come visit. They should be here in about an hour, and I'm so glad we got it done in time!

Good riddance 1970s linoleum! You will NOT be missed.

It's really looking better, isn't it? In case you're wondering, the plan is to continue the new flooring into the dining room, which currently has some old laminate wood flooring right now. We'll have to wait until we have time to make a giant mess to tackle that room!

That rug by the china cabinet is from Pier 1, and the small rug in front of the sink is from Kohls. I love that little rug in front of the sink so much because it reminds me of my dream rug from West Elm. Luckily my little mat was only $10!

Next up for the kitchen: painting the doors and trim. Our new bright paint colors made the old trim look dingy, so it's definitely time to freshen that up. We still need to grout the backsplash, but we're waiting for my dad to come back and visit because he is the master tile guy. I talked him into doing the backsplash last time he visited, so I'm sure I can talk him into finishing it next time!

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