Horse Kisses

I have a weird relationship with horses. Quite frankly, they scare me.

My mom says I fell off a little pony when I was three years old, so maybe that traumatized me for life. I grew up in Florida's horse country and saw beautiful horses in the fields everywhere we went, but that was as close as I wanted to get.

On the other hand, I think horses are gorgeous. I have always admired their strength and grace, and I think they have beautiful faces. I have been wanting some horse-related artwork for the house, but I figured I would paint something when I got a chance. Then I walked into HomeGoods and saw this:

It was love at first sight. 

My mom said they look "affectionate." I agree! That's what I love about it. 

Hubby and I were both immediately reminded of our two nuggets. Our two dogs are SO in love with each other, and I like to think these horses are as close as they are. Plus there is a dark one and a blonde one, just like our babies. And that pose they are striking? It reminds me of this, a daily occurrence in our home:

(I'm sorry that this is so blurry... I can't figure out why it is coming through that way, but you get the picture. Rory takes good care of her big sister. It's so sweet!)

Now this artwork has a starring role in our living room, and we love it. I don't have a great picture of it yet– this is the best I can do:

I like to think our home is now officially a Texas home because we have two important Texas items: horse artwork and a cow-print pillow. Woohoo!

PS. HomeGoods, why do you put the stupid price tag on the glass of the frame? Just put it on the back of the artwork! I hate scraping those stickers off. That is all. :)

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