HEART ART: Lovey-Dovey DIY

I'm having a "heart" moment.

I don't know if it is my newlywed bliss stage (six months of marriage in one week!) or the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up, or the fact that my brother got engaged over the weekend, but I am really liking hearts right now.

I <3 my Valentine's vignette... probably because it was F-R-E-E!

We already had these Ikea shelves hanging in our dining area, so I took all the pictures away and loaded them up with lovey things. Well, I left one picture– my favorite wedding picture.

That LOVE sign has gone from Christmas decoration to year-round decoration to Valentine's vignette. LOVE is a year-round feeling, right? (Those white flowers were picked up at the Pier 1 after-Christmas sale.)

Those two pieces on the top shelf are new DIY art projects:


I took a small canvas that I already had and used my fingers to smear tiny hearts all over it with old eyeshadow. That's right, eyeshadow! I've carried around this Revlon gel eyeshadow palette for at least seven years. I remember using it to add color to my black and white drawings in my high school art class! The shadows have some shimmer in them and are a bit transparent, which I love. They aren't normal Valentine's colors, and I like that. I feel like this is small art piece that I can move around the house and use where I need some modern, colorful art. I did put a layer of glossy Mod Podge on top to seal it and make it look more finished. 

And yes, I smeared the hearts with my middle finger, just like I do with eyeshadow. Somehow that is my best finger for smearing! :) I would estimate that it took 20 minutes to finish that project, and only because I had to wipe my finger off between each smear. 


Why do I have an art piece that says "olive juice?" I wanted something lovey-dovey, but I didn't want the saying to be clich̩ or obvious. Then I remembered that when we were in 5th and 6th grade, we used to joke around by mouthing the words "olive juice" to each other across the classroom and cafeteria. It looks like you are saying "I love you," and it is oh-so-amusing to an 11-year old. Who am I kiddingРit still amuses me! I'm sure it will be a conversation starter, which I consider an added-bonus.

How did I make it? It beyond easy and quick! The frame is a floating photo frame from Pier 1 that I previously filled with fall leaves from our yard for some Autumn-themed art. Out went the leaves, and in went a layer of awesome burlap wrapper paper that I purchased from Anthropologie's after-Christmas sale. The heart on top of the burlap paper is simply a shape cut out from the backside of the burlap paper, which has a white, wax-paper texture. I took a calligraphy pen and wrote the words onto the paper, and voila– totally random, inside-joke Valentine art!

I feel like I accomplished bringing a Valentine's Day vibe into our house in a subtle way, minus all of the traditional pink and red. Hopefully doing it this way will allow me to use these fun pieces year-round!

Speaking of Valentine's Day– have you seen these ADORABLE customizable Valentine's cards from Tiny Prints? They are fun, modern, unique and affordable. You can throw your own photos in the cards and send them to your significant other, parents, best friend, children– anyone you want. I think they are just awesome! Yes, I <3 them. And no, I'm not cool enough to be paid to endorse these products. I just think they are really cool and wanted to share them with you!

PS. As part of my "heart" moment, I just want to say that I really <3 you for reading my blog!

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