Free Modern Wall Art: Part II

* UPDATE (6/13/12): Free Printables for this project available HERE.

Another UPDATE: I just used this technique in a nursery, too. Now these flowers have been used in a master bedroom, living room and baby room. Can you tell I like them? It's just SO easy and cheap...

A couple of months ago I made this "art installation" above our bed in the master bedroom out of white card stock and thumbtacks. Then I translated the same concept to our Christmas decor when I hung these snowflakes in our living room.

Today I decided it was time for those snowflakes to come down. (I let them stay up longer than the other Christmas decorations because I figured snowflakes could stay up as long as it was winter, but I was ready for something new.) I really liked how the snowflakes had occupied that awkward wall with the slanted ceiling, so I wanted to come up with something new that I could put up there that wasn't seasonal. This is what I ended up with:

They are very similar to the flowers in the bedroom, but not exactly the same. Compared to the snowflakes, I really like how these are 3-dimensional. Most artwork we hang on walls consist of flat surfaces, so I really like how the 3D effect makes these feel modern and fresh. Here's a close-up:

They are very simple to make, I promise. I'm honestly not patient enough for anything that isn't simple!

I used the white card stock and the burlap wrapping paper that I have been using for all sorts of projects, like this Valentine's Day art. The card stock works well as the bottom layer because it is stiff enough to bend and hold its shape. You could use any paper or fabric for the top layer. You could definitely try different shapes, too. I think a starburst shape like all of the fabulous mirrors out there would be neat. Maybe some 3D stars in a little boy's room? It could be fun in a nursery, too...

I start by cutting both the card stock and burlap paper into squares. They are certainly not exact, and I think it looks better when the flowers are different sizes. Then I cut them into these shapes:

(Notice how the cuts are not perfect. I'm definitely not one to use a stencil or measure anything– I just go for it!)

Next, I layered them on top of one another and bent the petals of the card stock flower upward so that it had that 3D effect. 

I attached them to the wall using flat white thumbtacks, which serve as the center of the flower. You just use your creativity and judgment to decide how you want to arrange them on the wall.That's the fun (and sometimes frustrating) part!

Let me just say that my husband is not a flowers guy, and he doesn't approve when I try to buy floral fabrics or other "overly girly" objects for the house. He does, however, really like these flowers– both above our bed and now in our living room. It's possible that he likes them so much because they are free, but I prefer to think they are simple and modern enough to be unisex.

We did a couple other tweaks to the house this weekend, and we [finally] grouted the backsplash.
 I'll post about the other projects this week. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
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