Bathroom Vanity Purchase

We had our first snow today! This won't look like much for you northerners, but it's really our first taste of winter here in DFW. All of the snow had melted by 6:30 p.m., so we ran up to Lowe's to pick up our vanity (details below) and can you believe they had closed an hour early because of bad weather?! The roads were perfect- not even wet anymore! 
This poor guy was standing at the door trying to get in, saying, "Bad weather?! I just came from New Jersey!" I'm guessing those Lowe's employees jumped on the excuse to go home and watch the NFL playoffs, but that's just my theory.

Anyway, before all of this snow happened we spent our Saturday trying to take advantage of the Facebook discount Lowe's was offering on bathroom vanities.

Originally we planned to just buy the base cabinet because we already have a nice marble top we can use. Unfortunately, we really loved this model that only came as a package with the top.

We debated it for a little while and ended up going for it! Sorry, old vanity top... we'll find you a happy home elsewhere. We loved the color and the style, and I loved the open shelf at the bottom. I can just picture fluffy white towels stacked down there. It's going be so much nicer than what we have now! The Lowe's discount ended up taking about $120 off the price, so that was great. Go Facebook! Seriously, Lowe's has a great Facebook presence, and I recommend friend-ing them if you shop there a lot.

This is the first step toward fixing up our guest bathroom, and I know that our guests (I'm looking at you, Mom), will really appreciate it.

Did we leave Lowe's with just that vanity? Of course not! We also came home with this Kitchen Aid blender, negotiated down to $40 from the clearance rack...

 The Christmas stuff was marked 90% off, so of course I had to get some things. The pile of stuff I came home with? It came out to a whopping $2.67. Ho ho ho!

My pile consists of 8 outdoor ribbons (to replace the ones we had on our fence that bit the dust this season), some frosted pine cone thingamabobs, two 9-ft lengths of pre-lit garland and a three-pack of cute mercury glass ornaments. When my total came out to under $3, even the hubs couldn't complain.

All photos in this post were taken from the Lowe's website– 
except for the snowy one and the Christmas pile, which were taken with my lovely iPhone. :)

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