Sentimental Artwork

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding this summer:

Our bridal party was/is a hilarious group of people, and this pictures captures how much fun we had on our special day. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it!

I've actually had it as my wallpaper on my laptop ever since I got our wedding pictures, but I wanted to find a way to work it into our decor. My original plan was to resize it into a long panoramic photo and simply frame it for one of our walls. 

Then, like is usually does, artistic inspiration struck out of nowhere on Sunday night! I found myself drawing the scene with chalk pastels that I picked up at an auction 3 years ago (they're definitely vintage, and I don't think I'd be able to find them anywhere if I looked today).  I started at 9 pm and refused to go to bed until I was done. Hubby was mildly amused- I'm not sure he has ever seen me go on a crazy artist binge like that. By midnight I was done and busy trying to wash the chalky colors off my hands. 

What do you think?

"We're married! Yippee!!"

It looks like folk art to me, but I love it. No one in the picture has a face, but the movement of the original is there. Once I already had it framed and hung on the wall, I realized I totally messed up my poor friend Kelli's legs- she looks cut in half (far left)! I thought about fixing it but then I remembered that Kelli had knee surgery right before the wedding and was wearing a brace almost the entire time– and was a total trooper to try to jump for this photo (my bridesmaids and their rickety volleyball knees...). Therefore I think the mangled legs are appropriate and decided they should stay. I think they add to the humor of the whole drawing (but maybe that is just me being lazy about taking it out of the frame and fixing it).

After much deliberation, this piece found a home in our long narrow hallway.

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